Guys Out for The Night

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you’re sitting around on a Saturday night with your buddies after a leisurely night at the bars? Suddenly your pulse has elevated; it feels like your heart is beating out of its chest. Your palms are sweaty, temples are clammy. Something feels terribly wrong. Like you’re missing something dreadfully important. Did you leave your wallet in the Uber? No. Did u leave the oven on. No. (TBH you only use the microwave anyway!)

As u look around the table of half empty beer bottles it seems most of your friends are going through the same crisis. Suddenly it hits you! KCNFOMO! What would amp this Idle Saturday into a great night you’ll be talking about for years ? A call to your Favorite & Trusted local stripping agency Kitty Cat Now Chicago! As you furiously dial, a serene and salubrious calm washes over you. You can breathe again, that pit of despair that was your dread of a boring evening has turned to a flurry of excitement! “It’s going to be ok” you say, “it’s all going to be alright!”

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