A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Midsummer is a holiday celebrated by many cultures around the world following the summer solstice. This seasonal transition was once thought to be a time when supernatural beings caused widespread mischief. Some midsummer traditions have incorporated dancing around Maypoles, homes were decorated with flower garlands and greenery. Bonfires are lit thought to possess magical healing powers believed to ward off malicious spirits. In ancient China, the summer solstice Festivities celebrated Earth, and the feminine force of “Yin”. Modern day Midsummer celebrations in the Baltic states, is an occasion to travel the countryside and connect with nature. Many people light bonfires and stay up all night drinking, singing, and dancing.

William Shakespeare clearly had the right idea in mind when penning his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a tale of enchantment which is marked by an occasion historically known for revelry. In the common era most festivals are generally dedicated to the summer, the fertility of mother Earth and most importantly the celebration of all things feminine! One of the most notable events being the annual Midsummer Nights Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion! At Kitty Cat Now Chicago it is our esteemed pleasure to ensure every party you throw will live up to epic proportions! But there’s just something about the summer that makes us want to rip off all of our clothes and party with you! If you and your buddies have a boat that’s determined to head out into the open water yet can’t seem to leave the slip? It isn’t because it’s broken it’s just that you don’t have any bikini clad Kitty Cat’s™ aboard! Whether you have a massive yacht or a row boat you simply haven’t experienced true nautical excitement until you’ve had a wild Kitty Cat Now Chicago Strip Show that’s guaranteed to rock the boat of your pleasure craft! Whether you have a golf outing, a pool party, a backyard barbecue, or an all out Hugh Hefner inspired Midsummer Nights Dream Bacchanal any option you choose will be tremendously better with a bevy of our bodacious babes. However you choose to celebrate this summer we want to party with you! Give us a call or Book Online to make your Midsummer Nights Dream Party a reality!

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