Big Game Sunday

The ups and downs of such a monumental season have finally come to a close culminating in one final game to determine the championship! Regardless of who wins it’s been a brutal year in Football! Whatever the case may be you’re destined to have an incredible opportunity when you plan ahead to invite the guys over to watch The Big Game in Chicago! Years from now you may not recall who was victorious or which team faced a crushing defeat but you will remember the people you were with. Creating a memory that will last a lifetime, it’s the little things in life that matter most. Getting together with the guys to watch the Big Game. Surrounded by laughter, solidarity, and devotion to one of the greatest feats of athleticism the wide world of sports has to offer!

Ultimate Party Foul

It’s not just a hope, it’s not just a wish you can manifest the total party package! Create the mechanism to raise your spirits to epic proportions! The Big Game is that much more exciting when you’re surrounded by your closest friends that you may not get to see that often. Make this the year to establish a tradition to get together to watch the Big Game together! There’s no finer way to celebrate than with Sexy Strippers! Beautiful and charismatic girls are guaranteed to titillate and entertain you and your guests before, during, or after the Big Game! Our sensational Kitty Cat Strippers™
create a sense of purpose like a rudder to guide you through the choppy waters into the perfect evening. An immersive experience that’s a surefire way to enable a night with your friends you’ll never forget!

VIP Vibes For Your Big Game Sunday

Nothing says class, prestige, and amusement quite like Sexy Topless Waitresses from Kitty Cat Now! Following all that hard-hitting, testosterone-fueled tackling action just thinks of us as the eighth layer of your Taco dip! Add the fervor of sexy ambiance to your party with a Nude Bartender to dole out drinks and snacks to your party guests. Even a 2 Girl Fantasy Show can really liven up your evening to monumental proportions! Anyone can put the Big Game on, and order pizza and wings but a true sports fan knows it’s all about having your own personal cheerleaders to intensify your night! Engaging you and your friends for a true VIP experience. Start a tradition this year for the Big Game with Kitty Cat Now Chicago! Give us a call or book online today!

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