Boobs & Bacon Pool Parties

Summer is here and this means you are going to be spending a lot more outside. Pool parties from Kitty Cat Now Chicago are a great option, and they are nice for bachelor parties, as well as for simple gatherings of friends. Whether it’s a birthday, a reunion, or any other occasion, consider putting together a pool party for you and the guys.

However, don’t have just any pool party. Make it something to remember with a Boobs & Bacon event!

What’s Included with the Boobs & Bacon Package?

This is a popular package because it offers two hours of pure entertainment—not to mention a delicious meal. It’s a great option for bachelor parties, but it could work for any other sort of pool party you might be throwing, as well.

This is a two-girl show that features the ladies cooking breakfast totally topless. After they cook, they perform a two-girl lesbian show for the second hour. Let’s be honest. It doesn’t get much better than this.

For this package, you will have to provide your own groceries and cookware. Make sure you have enough for everyone who will be attending. Since this will be a summer pool party, you also want to make sure you don’t skimp on the fruit.

You could set up one of these parties any day of the week that works for you. Most will want to do this on a Saturday or Sunday morning, though, since it is usually the precursor to a fun-filled day out and about enjoying all there is to do in and around the city.

Keep the Following in Mind

You know that these Boobs & Bacon pool parties can be a great way to begin your day. But you also have to think about the logistics of where your pool is located whether you are the pool owner, or you are at an Airbnb.

After all, just because you want to start your day this way doesn’t mean the neighbors do. If there is an easy line of sight into your pool area where the neighbors have no choice but to see what’s going on, you might want to keep the party indoors! It’s less hassle for you and for the girls.

Of course, if you have a space that has privacy to keep everyone safe, then by all means head out to the pool for your breakfast and entertainment.

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