Boobs & Bacon: The Perfect Morning Experience

Have you ever been to a bachelor party in Chicago with a “typical” stripper that just follows some generic pre-planned routine and doesn’t really create any excitement or just feels like another bachelor party? Well, you no longer have to choose between the limited selection of “standard” options, thanks to the variety of packages and experiences available from Kitty Cat Now Chicago.

Some of our most popular packages are our brunch and breakfast packages. That’s right—instead of burning the midnight oil and waking up hungover, you can wake up fresh, sit back and enjoy some breakfast cocktails, and watch a beautiful woman (or two) cook your breakfast. What’s not to love? You can even pick packages with two girls if you want more entertainment.

What are Boobs and Bacon?

If you’re looking for a whole new brunch experience, our Boobs & Bacon option is the ideal choice to change things up and put a steamy twist on one of the best meals of the day. An upgrade from our Tits and Toast package, this experience includes two girls that will cook you breakfast, topless. They’ll spend the first-hour cooking with the food (and cookware) you provide.

While you’re enjoying your breakfast, and probably after, they’ll put on a two-girl lesbian show with a full two hours of entertainment and excitement. And, you never have to leave the comfort of home, worry about drinking too much, or spend the night before your wedding being out until the wee hours of the morning.

Upgrade the bachelor party experience in a whole new way with this package, and if you want to add or change things, contact us to ask about how we can customize packages to suit your needs. At Kitty Cat Now Chicago, the only thing “standard” about our girls and our events is that they’re anything but ordinary.

And, if you think two girls is too much (we know, not likely), you can always ask about our Tits and Toast package, which comes with a single girl and a one-hour show. The same rules apply to food and cooking tools.

Everyone will be talking about your bachelor party for a long time to come if you do something different. Why not take things up a notch and enjoy a premium brunch or breakfast experience with the beautiful, talented girls from Kitty Cat Now Chicago?

(And in case you’re wondering, yes, our girls can cook!)

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