Booties & BBQ

Men are simple creatures they’ve enjoyed creating & staring at fire for eons. An enviable act that becomes far more pleasurable when you can throw Raw Meat on top of that Fire and watch it fester under the tutelage of your strong man hands. You see memorial day can be absolutely primal! Especially if you’ve been cooped up in a cage for so long, dreaming of the days when you can just grill out with your buddies, beers in a cooler, hot sun, green grass, and the ability to speak and act as uninhibitedly as you desire!

At Kitty Cat Now we encourage Men to be Men! There’s Nothing Sexier than the glare of heat steaming off your grill on Memorial Day. It’s imperative to celebrate our Strong Nostalgic Traditions as Americans. Our voluptuous Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers are just beaming at the thought of putting on our Bikini’s and Partying with you this Memorial Day! Whether you need some Sexy eye Candy to put your freshly grilled foot long hotdogs into some toasted buns or a salacious 2 Girl Erotic Show to really get your blood pumping! Kitty Cat Now Chicago is here for your Memorial Day Party in whatever fashion you desire! Be that grilling out or a private party with a few of your buddies in the sanctity of your man cave. Give us a Call or Book online today to Make your Memorial Day Party bountiful with Booties and Barbecue!

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