Bring In Football Season with Topless Referees

Football season is finally here! The 6-month hiatus, while good for the players, has been brutal for many fans, and we understand your frustration. So, how can you kick off the season in true Primetime fashion? With the help of Kitty Cat Now Chicago and some creative game planning, you can have a season opener party that rivals most people’s idea of a Super Bowl party!

Turning Negatives into Positives

With all of the rule changes this year, namely the no-taunting rules, the referees will be one of the most annoying parts of the game this year. So instead of dealing with dry, infuriating zebras, bring in your own referee to make the game a little more interesting and entertaining. A topless referee will not only be able to relay the penalties in a much more enjoyable way, but the halftime show will be sure to please, especially if you order one of our multi-girl fantasies shows!

Why Not Go the Whole Ten Yards?

We always scream and yell at the players on our favorite team whenever we think they gave a halfhearted effort. So why should you do the same to your guests? If you’re going to host this one-on-a-kind kickoff party, do it right. Topless and nude waitstaff and bartenders will give your season opener a more authentic feel with a kinky twist.

Don’t Forget It’s All About Football

While adding in these fun little aspects like topless referees, waitstaff, and bartenders are an exciting and unique way to kick off your season, it is still all about the game. That means you have to honor your team and show your pride and spirit!

If you want more ideas on how to spice up your season opener party or have some creative ideas of your own, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Kitty Cat Now Chicago today to find out what we can do to make your party a raging success!

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