Choosing the Right Stripper Package for a Bachelor Party

There’s nothing more classic to a bachelor party than strippers in Chicago. With all the guys together for a final night or weekend of debauchery, you want to be sure you bring in gorgeous girls the soon-to-be groom will never forget.

As you make arrangements for the bachelor party, consider the various stripper packages available so your party is remembered.

Consider the Number of Girls

One of the things to think about when selecting a stripper package for a bachelor party is how many girls you want to be involved. Going with one girl keeps everyone’s eyes on the same woman and can work well for small groups of buddies. However, you can also ramp things up to the next level with two, three, or even four girls that visit your hotel room or home to strip.

Select a Fantasy, Lesbian, or XXX Extreme Show

Everyone likes different things, which is why there are a variety of packages to choose from. The three most popular at Kitty Cat Now are fantasy, lesbian, and extreme shows. In fantasy shows, the girls offer whip cream shots, lap dances, spanking, lotion, raffles, party games, and glow sticks.

Or you can go with a lesbian show where you get to watch girl-on-girl action complete with toys. If you want to take it even further, opt for the extreme show which features a lesbian show along with power tools. The choice is yours!

Think About Length of the Package

Different stripper packages run different lengths. For instance, a two-girl fantasy show is 45 minutes to an hour long, while a lesbian or XXX show with the same number of girls can be up to an hour and a half long. Adding in additional girls often increases the length of the show so take that into account when you plan the evening.

Select Any Extras You Want

Even after you know what package you want, think about extras you might desire. For instance, maybe you want to include a topless waitress who serves you drinks, offers body shots and can provide additional lap dances for all the guys. Nude waitresses are also available if you want to see more skin.

Every bachelor party is different so keep in mind the preferences of the man who is about to be married. Adding in the right stripper package can be the icing on the cake of a night to have a great time with good friends. Contact Kitty Cat NowChicago today!

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