Cost Effective Bachelor Party Options

If you have a more modest budget for your bachelor party there are lots of options to ensure everyone has a great time yet while be cognizant of economic recommendations. We’re never surprised by the extremes some clients will go to when booking their bachelor parties. Spending an exorbitant amount of money on the venue, private jets, party buses, Michelin star reservations, bottle service and last but certainly not least the ‘Real Entertainment’ the shining star of every bachelor party: the Strippers.

At Kitty Cat Now we have a series of options that’ll treat you like a King even on a court jester’s stipend. The aforementioned glitz & glamour of popping bottles on PJ’s is great and all but isn’t necessary. You may not even need to rent a venue. If there’s a member of your group who is truly living the “bachelor life” and has an optimal bachelor pad, you may be able to utilize that as your campgrounds for the festivities. Another way to save money would be to hold the party later in the evening that way everyone can eat dinner at home, and you can just make/order some appetizers. Just a small spread to help soak up all that alcohol.

For Bachelor parties booze & beer is always the cheap option, you may want to pick up a few specialized drinks but otherwise let the guys know if they favor something in particular to BYOB. Make sure to have plenty of mixers on hand thus allowing a small amount of drinks to stretch through the evening.

All you truly need for a Great Bachelor party is good friends, adult beverages and of course the Crown Jewels of every Bachelor Party; Hot Strippers From Kitty Cat Now! We have a slew of modestly priced options that will give you lots of bang for your stripper buck! The 2 Girl Fantasy show in particular is a great option for those concerned with cost effective options. Two hot and fully Nude Exotic Dancers doing a series of erotic games and parlor tricks all by fully doting on your soon to be groom at the center of all the Action! If your event is more casually focused Topless or Nude waitresses are always a great being the more Á la carte variation, our Busty Kitty Cat’s™ are there just to play drinking games with you and of course to do lap dances and private dances! If your budget friendly Bachelor party is on the smaller side a Single Strip or Single Erotic Shows are always great, all of our girls have the charisma and charm to mesmerize and beguile you into quite the enchanted evening. Whatever variation you choose Kitty Cat Now will ensure you have an incredibly fun and memorable evening! If you have champagne desires on a beer budget give Kitty Cat Now Chicago a call today our budget friendly options are sure to surprise you!

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