Don’t Be an April Fool’s Joke – Book an Exotic Dancer for Your Next Guy’s Night

Every group of male friends needs a guy’s night every month for therapeutic reasons. Don’t get it confused, guys; the wives need these nights just as much as you do. Your guy’s night is her night of solitude, or maybe she has a group of friends for a lady’s night.

Regardless, it’s important to keep the buddy dynamic going, but a once-per-month occasion calls for the right festivities. Planning the perfect guy’s night in Chicago each month is mandatory for the perfect stress reliever and your monthly dose of fun and excitement.

What Makes a Perfect Guy’s Night?

What ends up making the perfect guy’s night? Well, that depends on what you and your friends’ common ground is. What activities and interests do you share?

You could say drinking, but that’s the typical guy response. Guys can drink any time, and another boring night at the bar isn’t going to cut it for a guy’s night. How can you and your friends come together for a unique evening?

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports become more popular every year. You can host a guy’s night when it’s draft day. This can take place whether it’s baseball, basketball, or football.

Choose a spot, whether it’s a hotel or one of your friend’s garages, and plan a party around the fantasy draft. Get drinks, watch a game, and add the perfect addition to your fantasy draft – an exotic dancer.

To really make the fantasy draft memorable, have the dancer host the fantasy draft. You might have a hard time concentrating on your picks, but what guy wouldn’t love to participate in a fantasy draft with a stripper as the host?

Pool Tournament

For some reason, we feel like playing pool doesn’t get the attention it deserves. At any rate, planning a pool tournament is the perfect way to host a guy’s night. If you don’t already have one, this means buying a pool table, but it’s a small price to pay to get the guys together.

When you really want to make it interesting, throw some cash down and do some friendly wagering. If you want to make it PERFECT, add an exotic dancer to the mix and have her keep track of the winners or play a game of nude pool.

For some reason, we have a feeling she would end up winning every game she plays…

Regardless of what you have planned for guy’s night, make it one you’ll all remember by booking an exotic dancer from Kitty Cat Now Chicago. We have an incredible roster of beautiful women to choose from, and we’re available in most major cities.

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