Fall Season Is Heating Up with Kitty Cat Now Chicago

Don’t let the cooling temperatures and fading colors gloom up your mood this autumn! Now is actually the perfect time to light one last fire before the colder weather sets in. It’s still warm enough in the daytime to enjoy outdoor events, and it stays bright long enough to have fun late in the day.

Not to mention to that Halloween is coming up and we have numerous major sporting events going on as well. Here are just a few things that could inspire a Kitty Cat Now Chicago themed party this fall:

Every Sport at One Time!?

Even though it sucked being without sports for 4 months this year due to the pandemic, it has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For the first time ever we have all 4 major sports going on at the same time! This means that the World Series and NBA Finals will be held during the fall. And after that, we still have the rest of football season and then college basketball! So bring in a couple of sexy cheerleaders or refs to help raise your party game to the next level.

Adult-Themed Parties

Halloween isn’t the only reason to throw a sexy adult party (although our ladies costumes will blow your mind). There are plenty of things about the fall to celebrate. These days people are so ready to hang out they’d attend a binge watch party for a TV show! Host a casino or gaming night, anything to have a topless blackjack dealer or drink hostess.

End of the Year, Outdoor Events

In many parts of the country, it’s still warm enough to have one more outdoor bash with friends. Whether it’s a BBQ and beer event or a wet and wild pool party, take advantage of those mild temperatures before they’re gone until the spring. Our sultry sirens look amazing in a bikini and even better without one!

No matter what particular idea you had for your next get-together, let the party professionals here at Kitty Cat Now Chicago crank the heat up on it. Hell, even if you can’t make up your mind just give us a call. We’d be more than glad to offer a few suggestions. Our lovely entertainers even have their own specialties as well. Whatever you end up doing, we guarantee we will make it go off big!

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