Fantasy Football Draft Party

It’s finally that time of year again as we compare stats and speculation in preparation for those coveted draft picks. There is an art to the perfect roster and often Fantasy Football can be more competitive than if you were actually playing the game! It can be incredibly annoying if you’re one of the last to pick but still You make sure there’s infinite amount of back ups in case anyone picks up your secret rookie RB before you do. Despite most Fantasy Football Draft Parties are held amongst your nearest and dearest friends it can still be quite stressful. However, there’s a particular option that instantly lightens the mood and encourages a far more friendly competitiveness that you wouldn’t have stress over in preparation for your draft day event.


For the last decade Kitty Cat Now Chicago has provided a bevy of beautiful girls to aid you in your Fantasy Football Draft parties. By choosing our Fantasy Football package we will send 2 Topless or Fully Nude Kitty Cat’s™ to serve and entertain your league while also assisting in the draft by placing stickers/markers on your draft pick board. We also can’t think of a better way of soothing a stressed Draft Day league than with a series of phenomenal lap dances or private dances. Conversely, a titillating 2 girl toy show is another alternative to soothe the ailing hearts and minds of Draft Day mishaps.


Whatever option you choose we guarantee your Fantasy Football Draft Party will be the perfect kick off to the 2019 Fantasy Football season! As long as you have our captivating Kitty Cat’s™ by your side to aid in any Draft Day festivities so all you have to do is sit back and relax while we take care of all the incidentals. Give us a call or Book Online today to make this year’s Fantasy Football Draft Party the ultimate touch down!

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