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The sun is shining, and the clubs are ready to swing. Whether you’re a master of the links or just tagging along for some light-hearted fun, Kitty Cat Now Chicago is here to take your golf outing from routine to ravishing. Picture yourself on a pristine course, hearing the crisp sound of a perfectly struck ball. Now, throw in the ultimate twist – our beautiful strippers ensure your heart rate spikes more than just on that difficult par 5.

For every drive you smash and each putt you sink, our captivating Kitty Cat Now caddies stand by, cheering, and maybe, just maybe, providing a delightful distraction. Donning outfits designed to both impress and divert, they’re always at hand with a refreshing beverage and the kind of encouragement that might just give you the edge for that elusive hole-in-one.

What’s golf without a few enjoyable distractions, right?

And for those thinking the thrill fades after the last putt drops – think again. Kitty Cat Now Chicago knows how to set the clubhouse ablaze. Imagine the scene: ambient lights, music, and an electrifying sultry performance ensuring your golf day transitions into a night of enthralling memories.

Who says the thrill is only in the chase? With us, the 19th hole might just become your favorite.

Don’t settle for the humdrum when the spectacular is within reach. Combining our stripper’s magnetic allure with the art of golf ensures a day dripping with fun, flirtation, and fabulous tales to recount.

Got a hole-in-one? Great. Experienced Kitty Cat Now on the course? Priceless.

If you’re itching to elevate your golf game to legendary status, Kitty Cat Now is your secret weapon. Every stroke becomes a story, every hole an adventure. So, why wait? Dive into a world where every putt comes with a playful tease and every drive with a cheeky smile. Book with us and experience golf, the Kitty Cat Now Chicago way.

Remember, golf might be a gentleman’s game, but with Kitty Cat Now, even gentlemen can indulge in a walk on the wild side.

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