Holiday-Themed Strip Shows and Exotic Dancer Packages

Strip shows and the holiday season in Chicago – do they go together? You bet they do. Plus, exotic dancer packages help you customize your adult entertainment to suit the size and needs of your group, whether you’re planning a holiday party or just looking to give yourself and your friends a break during a hectic time of year.

How to Plan a Holiday-Themed Strip Show

The key to success here is understanding how to plan your strip show. It’s holiday-themed, so let your imagination run wild. Here are a few things to consider including in your planning:

  • Tinsel – The shiny metallic holiday must-have can be a lot of fun when used to cover up (or accentuate) body parts.
  • Desserts – From pumpkin pie to mint milkshakes, the holidays are famous for their focus on the sweet stuff. Combine some of these with your strip show to great effect.
  • Wrapping Paper – Who doesn’t love opening presents? How much more fun might it be to unwrap a gorgeous stripper?
  • Lace and Bows – Wrapping paper isn’t the only thing people like to tear off during the holidays. Strategically placed bows and sexy lace can increase the heat and help you fight the plunging temperatures outside.
  • Music – Why not check out some hot versions of your favorite holiday songs and then suggest them to the beautiful ladies who are so obligingly taking off their clothes? Go ahead and create your naughty playlist now so you can share it with your strippers ahead of time.

Exotic Dancer Packages to Help Create an Incredible Holiday Strip Show

We’ve talked a lot about elements to add to a holiday strip show, but Kitty Cat Now Chicago offers several exotic dancer packages that can be customized to your needs.

For low-key events and smaller parties, consider one of our traditional single-girl strip shows. One of our stunning strippers will arrive and offer lap dances, body shots, spankings, and even party games.

Planning a larger event? We’d recommend a two, three, or four-girl fantasy show. They include whipped cream shots, lap dances, raffles, and some of the hottest games around.

Finally, shy not go XXX extreme? From girl-on-girl action to power toys, these packages are sure to put a bang on your holiday cracker.

If you’re ready to plan your holiday strip show, get in touch with Kitty Cat Now today. Our girls’ time is reserved fast, so we recommend booking your event now.

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