Kitty Cat Now Unleashes Innovative  Erotic Tech To Your Bachelor Party

Kitty Cat Now unleashes innovative erotic tech to your Bachelor Party. We are happy to report we have a brand new arsenal of Tricks and Treats for you this Autumn. Our sexy Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers are just begging to let their hair down and bring the ultimate erotic Tech to your party today! Our Exotic Dancers are consistently educating themselves on the most innovative toys and technology on the market. We’ve spent hours in backbreaking positions trying and testing out these new tricks for you! Using the scientific method as methodically as we can until every toy has been thoroughly investigated.

Kitty Cat Now Ensures Every Last Detail

Kitty Cat Now ensures every last detail is taken care of. We painstakingly go over every element so that we can confidently incorporate these new tricks and toys into our show’s repertoire. We offer a slew of show variations however, the 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show embodies all the bells and whistles one would expect in a Hard-Core Girl on Girl Show but with one heart-pounding difference. A mystifying piece of equipment we affectionately call the Drilldo! The XXX Extreme Show mystifies and titillates even the shyest of patrons.

Revel in the Ritual

Revel in the Ritual of calling Fully Nude Strippers to your party tonight! As a Stripping Community, we want to enhance this blooming talent that encourages and empowers our Bodacious Babes! Scientifically Speaking our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers are the best in the business! Creating an experience out of your Wildest Fantasies that is sure to bring the waterworks! Please do yourself a favor and reserve your package today to stay at the forefront of burgeoning Erotic Science and Technology!

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