Last Minute Chicago Strippers

Have you ever found yourself with a nagging sinking feeling while sitting around with your friends on a Friday night? There just seems like something is missing. Suddenly the sound of testosterone fueled laughter is deafening. You find yourself longing for the siren song of coquettish laughter of girls laughing at all your jokes. There’s an abrupt need for the rhapsody of perfume lingering in the air. Like a conductor of the perfect evening you foresee a symphony of Kitty Cat’s that arrive in sexy cop and nurse costumes. The mood is expressed by a chorus of the cheering crowd of beer pong. While some old song like Blue Velvet or Moon River plays irreverently on repeat

There’s Only one small problem it’s 11:30 on a Friday night, shouldn’t you have called Hours ago? Not with Kitty Cat Now Chicago! Whatever time or day it is, we can make your monotonous monotone Monday into a total rager! Typically we can facilitate 2 or 3 girls with in the space of an hour from your initial reservation so the wait time won’t be immense. Will every single entertainer on our website be available last minute? Unfortunately no, however we pride ourselves on being the antithesis of bait and switch so you will get the exact girls promised to you in the initial reservation. At Kitty Cat Now Chicago we bring the party to you and make your last minute dreams come true!

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