New Year, New You!

It’s a New Year and you have the chance to start out on a new slate in Chicago. Our future has yet to be written it’s teeming with new possibilities. If you want to take the reigns of your own life and start off on the right path we invite you to start a new career with Kitty Cat Now Chicago. A completely female-owned and operated enterprise that has been uplifting women for nearly two decades. Joining this prestigious team allows you to open the door to success. Enabling you to acquire the keys to your own happiness. Imagine being beholden to no one but your own work ethic. Recalibrate your life in a way you never thought possible!

What Does It Mean To Be A Kitty Cat Stripper

Kitty Cat Now Chicago is a divine sisterhood. We uplift, encourage, and applaud our stunning entertainers. Constructing the enthusiasm and emphasis on creating an ideal fantasy at the parties we send you to and in your own lives. Becoming a Kitty Cat Stripper™ gives you the freedom most people can only dream about. Enabling you to set your own boundaries of happiness. If the idea of cramming yourself into a cubicle day in and day out never experiencing the freedom of a life truly lived terrifies you it’s time to awaken to new possibilities. Prioritizing your own health and wellness during the week. When you perform a few parties a weekend you can make the kind of income most of your friends make while enslaved to the corporate paradigm. Your energy and work ethic dictates how far you may go. We’ll never push or prod. Enabling you to take on the workload you feel most comfortable doing. Whether you wish to perform a few parties a weekend or upwards of ten in our busy seasons. We respect your personal boundaries and will vet each party for your safety and earning potential.

Kitty Cat Now Gives You The Freedom To Be Your True Authentic Self!

Decompress during the week. Prioritize your own happiness.

Invest in your own well-being and sensuality. Kitty Cat Now invites you to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Accessing the form and function to essentially control your own livelihood and personal contentment! Is everyone cut out to be a  Kitty Cat Stripper™? No, unfortunately, you must be highly engaging, comfortable entertaining large groups of people, and shine brightest when you’re the center of attention. If you have Star Quality Kitty Cat Now will make you the starlet at every party we send you to! If you crave the limelight and shine brightest when you are Fully Nude you’re just the kind of girl we’re looking for! If you seek a way up and a way out of the corporate paradigm Kitty Cat Now Chicago is Hiring! We invite you to visit our website and fill out the application under ‘Employment Inquiries’. We look forward to hearing from you!

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