Plan a New Year’s Eve Event No One Will Soon Forget!

There is nothing that says that you have to spend New Year’s Eve at home alone. If you are ready for a fun and exciting party, consider holding one yourself. You can invite over whomever you’d like, and you can decide on the night’s festivities! Do you have a few ideas that would make for a fun party? Not really? That’s okay! Here are a few we think are fantastic!

New Year’s Eve Ideas to Ring In the New Year with Your BFFs

First off, make sure the starting time of your New Year’s Eve event is long enough before midnight so nobody misses out on anything. Also make sure you don’t end too early. People will want to ring in the new year with you! There’s no way you’re ending too early without missing midnight! This is likely going to be a party that lasts several hours, so fill the time up wisely!

Bring in some fantastic servers to hand out hot toddies, shots, or whatever types of beverages you plan to serve that night. If you want, those amazing servers can even keep the party hopping by being topless!

Hire some cool DJs or musicians if no one can play musical instruments well in your group. Make sure they know what music is “hot” this season, so it doesn’t seem like their songs are all just from the ’80s. The better the music, the more fun those servers will have dancing around, too – just saying.

If you want a cool theme for your New Year’s Eve event, do a masquerade ball where everyone dresses up as their favorite character from a movie or something else. Put some effort into costumes – it doesn’t have to be crazy but try not to dress too casually because it could ruin the whole effect!

Let Kitty Cat Now Chicago Be Your New Year’s Ace in the Hole

If you want to ensure that your New Year’s Eve bash is one for the memory books, then you need to turn to us here at Kitty Cat Now Chicago. Let our experience in entertaining people be your ace in the hole. We can make sure your night is one that people will want to keep fresh in their heads until this time next year!

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