Pride Month

Kitty Cat Now Chicago takes pride in everything we do and we are grateful for all of our sisters and brothers that are free to fully and authentically be themselves. Whether you’re out and proud or prefer to cheer on from the sidelines we salute you! Pride Month is dedicated to decadence whether you’re dripping in glitter or in a fine pair of leather chaps. Kitty Cat Now Chicago celebrates the freedom of expression in all forms yet we honor this month with the highest form of praise; flattery. We offer a monumental exhibition of art and eroticism in a stunning display known as the iconic 2 Girl Lesbian Show. A riveting experience guaranteed to titillate and quite literally wow your socks off!

Pride Month: Savor, Touch, And Feel The Rainbow

Kitty Cat Now invites you to truly celebrate pride month with an epic 2 Girl Lesbian Show! We can’t comment on the sexuality of our lovely Kitty Cat Strippers however they will create the ultimate fantasy opportunity. Imagine witnessing the inner workings of a beautiful pair of lesbian lovers engaging in a sensual act in the confines of your very own home or vacation rental. Enabling your party to witness this mesmerizing spectacle simply for your own entertainment. Allowing you to relish in every heart-pounding moment with your closest friends, creating memories you’ll remember forever!

Let Your Pride Flag Or Your Freak Flag Fly High

Even the best party plans can rain on your parade booking a show with Kitty Cat Now is your failsafe for an epic celebration! Whether you’ve booked in advance or last minute on a Saturday night we can arrange a compelling Bachelor Party not for the faint of heart. Nothing engages the level of excitement quite like intoxicating Exotic Dancers! Stunning Strippers who will solely focus their attention and affection on you. Captivating your hearts and memories for years to come! Kitty Cat Now honors Pride Month with a legacy of the integrity of freedom of expression. To be your true authentic self in all your audacious glory! At Kitty Cat Now Chicago we take Pride in all that we do, it’s our privilege to serve our entire community and especially the LGBTQ+ during this auspicious month! Celebrate with us as we honor your freedom to fully express ourselves! Give us a call or Book Online Today!

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