Do you have a sick friend that needs to be cheered up?

We all know how debilitating it can feel to be stuck in a hospital bed. Naturally, we try to do all that we can to improve the spirits of our hospitalized loved one. However there’s only so much that flowers, balloons, and gift baskets can do. While the idea is incredibly thoughtful, the relief is temporary at best.

If you have a friend that becomes animated by antics and quips on the naughty and mischievous side, may we suggest getting them a Strip-o-Gram? One of our lovely Chicago Kitty Cat’s can dress up in a Sexy Nurse, Sexy Santa or Other Costumes. If you’re out of town and can’t make it the hospital, send a sexy Strip-o-Gram to raise your friend’s spirits. Balloons, flowers, and gift baskets are received that much better when they’re carried in on the arm of a Hot Stripper. Call 312-672-2849 or book online

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