The Evolution of Exotic Entertainment: How Kitty Cat Now Redefines Fun

When you think of “exotic” entertainment, what comes to mind first? Chances are good it’s the humble strip club, home to beautiful women, plenty of drinks, and lots of strangers. While that’s a part of today’s industry, Kitty Cat Now Chicago is redefining what the term means.

The Taboo

Once upon a time, adult entertainment was largely considered “taboo”. It wasn’t talked about, but everyone knew it existed. If you wanted to indulge in a little titillation, you had to go to an underground club and partake discretely. It was similar to finding a speakeasy back during the days of Prohibition. For some geographic areas of the country, the situation isn’t much different today.

The Rise of Strip Clubs

As people began to take a looser stance toward adult entertainment, strip clubs, and similar establishments began springing up across the US. Today, strip clubs are perhaps the most common place to find adult-focused excitement, but other art forms are emerging, including the rebirth of burlesque shows and more.

The Future

While strip clubs might be the present when it comes to adult entertainment, Kitty Cat Now is looking squarely into the future. We’re not content to merely maintain the status quo. Yes, we love strip clubs, but we believe that exotic entertainment can be so much more! That’s why we introduced our range of packages and have committed to taking the strip out of the club and putting it where you want it, whether that’s your living room or the office.

We’re pioneering the future of exotic entertainment based on a few core pillars.

  1. Strippers don’t belong just in the club. We believe that beauty has a place just about anywhere. Our gorgeous entertainers are equally at home on the stage as they are in your entertainment room or a yacht. 
  2. Exotic entertainers deserve respect. All of our lovely ladies are experienced professionals and deserve the respect of our clients. We set ground rules to ensure that they’re always treated right. 
  3. “Exotic” entertainment doesn’t just mean dancing. Our packages range from simple Strip-O-grams to lap dances to topless waitresses. We can fulfill your needs for any event, too, from bachelor parties to office parties and retirement parties.

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