The Great Escape

Remember the good old days when we use to go to other places that weren’t within the confines of our homes? Do recall the feeling of reveling in your friends company, thriving on personal connection. Well that can be you again! It’s finally the time to reawaken your soul and reconnect to that part of you that’s been missing for far too long.

Men are simple creatures and require specific pleasures that if neglected for far too long can lead to dramatic circumstances or consequences.

Luckily at Kitty Cat Now we have exact Tools & the best kind of Toys for you to quell that inner animal inside of you. That’s just been waiting patiently to be released!

Entertainment & enthusiasm is an excellent distraction in times of uncertainty. When you plan a party with Kitty Cat Now it allows you to Reconnect with your buddies on a level beyond flash for a few hours of distraction it’s the best anyone could hope for. We promise you after a night with our Sexy Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers you’ll feel like a new Man! Give us a Call or Book online Today to Distract and rejuvenate!

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