Do you want Boobs & Bacon for Breakfast?

When we think about having good times, and we mean good times; the kind of the adult variety, we usually tend to focus on the evenings and nights. This causes us to typically make plans for those kinds of adventures after dark. However, you can also enjoy some appetizing and tantalizing entertainment with the first meal of the day.

With Kitty Cat Now’s Exclusive Boobs and Bacon shows, for only $1000 you can have your breakfast prepared and served by two gorgeous and sexy adult entertainers.

Breakfast Never Tasted So Good

Imagine sitting right there in your own kitchen or place of choosing while your morning meal is being prepared by two of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen. Not only that, but they are also doing all of this while topless. Now that’s something you can’t get even in Vegas! Just make sure that these lovely kitchen vixens have everything they need in the way of food and cookware.

If You Think We Can Cook, Wait for What Comes Next…

Some people might think that the experience of having their breakfast cooked and served by two beautiful, topless girls is enough. However, there is no way that these two naughty chefs are letting their guest’s experience end with just a meal. After the first hour of food, you will then enjoy a second, jaw-dropping hour of fantasy and pleasure.

Your two culinary creators will turn their attentions on each other, providing you with you an incredible lesbian fantasy show! If you thought a topless meal experience was something to see, wait until they blow your mind afterwards. One thing is for certain, you won’t be leaving the table feeling unsatisfied. You also won’t ever look at another plate of bacon and eggs the same way, either.

It’s time to treat yourself to something better than toast and oatmeal for once. Go ahead and order up a breakfast that comes with two heaping sides of delicious and erotic entertainment, provided by two of the sexiest strippers around. Contact us today at Kitty Cat Now to schedule a time to enjoy the best morning show you will ever see in your life.

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