What to Ask When Hiring Exotic Dancers

Many people choose to hire strippers online through various ads and websites in Chicago. However, some independent strippers and less-savory agencies don’t have the best customer service and may not offer the excellent entertainment you want. Shows that aren’t worth the money and hidden costs abound, which is why you should ask questions before spending money.

The questions below are a great way to find out if you’re getting what you pay for. You’ll also be fully aware of what to expect when the strippers show up.

What Is the Total Cost for What I’m Booking?

In many cases, there are several packages available to choose from. As an example, you might hire a stripper to walk around topless while two others put on a show together. Rates can range from hourly to flat fees so make sure you know the difference. Always ask if extras cost more – however, the website should have this information available.

Are the Exotic Dancers on the Website Available?

Some exotic dancer companies have pictures of the girls on their websites. Others do not. Make sure to ask if the women pictured are available if that matters to you. However, keep in mind that many agencies operate in multiple locations so the exact girl may not be available. Instead, ask if you can get a specific look so you can be sure to be happy when the girls show up.

Where Can I Host the Dancers?

In some cases, a single stripper can’t be sent to a home. In others, a security guard may be required. Some companies have approved locations where strippers can be sent. Make sure you talk to the company in advance to be sure you can host the show there. Do this before you nail down other details of the event.

What Rules Are There for the Exotic Dancers?

There may be a set of rules on the website or these might be sent through email or detailed in a phone call. Make sure you understand the rules and adhere to them. For instance, find out the rules on touching and whether your event is one that strippers can come to.

After you get your questions answered, you can move ahead with booking the exotic dancers of your choice. You’ll be sure you’re getting amazing entertainment and ultimate customer service. Being prepared is a great way to start things off.

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