Why Hiring Strippers Is Better Than Visiting a Club

Going to a strip club can be a fun activity once in a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to enjoy nude or topless girls while in Chicago. Many people agree that hiring a stripper is the better option. But why is that?

When you hire a stripper from Kitty Cat Now Chicago to entertain you, you get a custom experience. In addition, you have more time to chat with the girl who visits you. This can make the party more memorable while ensuring your guests have a great time. Below are a few of the other reasons to hire Kitty Cat Now Chicago instead of going to a club.

Hiring Offers Additional Flexibility

When you step into a club, there are limitations to where the strippers spend their time, what kind of music is played, and other aspects of the experience. On the other hand, when you hire a stripper from Kitty Cat Now, you have a lot more flexibility. They can choose songs they enjoy dancing to, which can make the experience more authentic.

They can also dance, chat, and do other things wherever you have your party. There are fewer restrictions and more of an ability to let loose and have a good time, for the strippers and the guests at the party.

It Offers Additional Safety

Most of the people who frequent strip clubs also enjoy having a few alcoholic drinks in the process. However, this isn’t the safest thing to do. There’s always a chance that someone could get into an accident on the way home while still inebriated.

When you hire Kitty Cat Now to come to a private location, everyone involved has a better level of safety until the party is complete.

There Are More Choices

When you visit a club, what you see is what you get. Hiring Kitty Cat Now Strippers gives you the option to request girls who have certain physical features. This ensures you have a good time at your party.

Plus, strippers are available in packages that include lap dances, toys, glow sticks, and more, which you aren’t likely to find at the nearest club.

Fees Are Often Lower

Hiring Kitty Cat Now means you know the fees from the start. This is not the case when you head to a club. Entrance fees, parking fees, and drink fees can add up quickly. Instead, hire Kitty Cat Now Chicago to meet you at a specific location and know what you’re paying before things get started. It’s a great way to experience beautiful girls. Book online, or give us a call today to ensure your strippers are everything you want.

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