3 Ways to Plan the Ultimate Christmas Party

There are many ways to plan the ultimate Christmas party in Chicago. You want to have a memorable party, so take the time to plan it all out ahead of time. You want to cover location, food, beverages, entertainment, and anything else that is standard fare for your parties. Here are a few tips when it comes to planning the ultimate Christmas party for family and friends.

Consider Your Guests

First, you must always ask yourself, who is coming to this event? When you figure out who will all be in attendance, you can then adjust your menu accordingly. Write down all the foods that would be ideal for each guest. This way no one feels left out when they show up at your doorstep with an empty stomach.

Make Sure You Plan Out Your Entertainment

Second, it’s important to know what kind of entertainment to have. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, so make sure you have this part planned out ahead of time. We suggest ideas like having some lovely ladies come to the party, adorning some elfin or Christmas attire to serve drinks, offer lap dances, or just keep guests having smiles on their faces!

Location, Location, Location

Third, you need to decide if you want this party to be held at home, outside, or somewhere else. If you take our suggestions when it comes to the entertainment, then location is also going to make a difference. Our girls have no problem coming to your home for a few dances, so long as there is plenty of room to move about. However, if your living room is small, consider hosting the party in a larger venue.

Beyond that, you need to make sure the mood is set. Set up decorations, plan out your outfit in advance, and set the mood with appropriate music. Make sure that once your guests arrive, they know without a doubt that this is a holiday party for the ages. Want more exciting tips on planning the ultimate party? Then reach out to us here at Kitty Cat Now Chicago.

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