5 Reasons to Book a Private Service vs. Going to the Clubs

A lot of guys who are going out want to head to the strip club, or even just a regular club to enjoy some music and have some drinks in Chicago. While that might be okay occasionally, you will find that booking a private stripper—or several strippers—is a far superior option when compared to going to the clubs.

Hire the Girls You Like

Have you ever gone to a strip club only to find that the girls who are working aren’t exactly your cup of tea? They might still be pretty, but you want to find the women who you and your friends find the most attractive. When you opt to hire private erotic dancers who can come to you, choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

More Attention for You and Your Friends

Sometimes when you are at the club, if you aren’t constantly flashing a lot of cash, you might not get the time of day from any of the women there. Keep in mind that they are required to move around and talk with a large number of the guests at those clubs to keep everyone happy. However, when you hire them for a private show, you and your friends will be the center of attention.

More Options for a Show

While you can hire a private dancer to strip and dance for an hour, you will find quite a few more options with Kitty Cat Now. We can provide a range of different types of entertainment including shows with multiple girls interacting, topless waitresses, and more.

Safer and Easier in a Controlled Environment

When you have the girls come to you, it provides some logistics benefits. You won’t have to get everyone organized and to the club for starters. It also means you don’t have to worry about driving back from the club. If you all drank, you would need to hire a driver. Now, your friends can just stay at your place. Having a controlled environment is safer for everyone.

Better Food and Cheaper Drinks

You will also appreciate the fact that you can order whatever you want for food, or cook it yourself, rather than having some questionable strip club wings. Drinks will also be a lot cheaper than at a club.

Now that you can see some of the best reasons to hire erotic dancers to come to your property, get in touch with Kitty Cat Now Chicago

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