Be Prepared For All The Ways Your Bachelor Party Could Go Awry!

Kitty Cat Now Chicago wants you to be prepared for all the ways your Bachelor Party could go awry.  If you’re not careful you can get lost quicker than a Chicago Tornado and then there goes your hat! For your perusal, we have created a guideline that may help you with any hiccups that may occur.

Don’t Lose The Bachelor!

We can’t tell how many times we’ve run into this situation! We understand, it’s his day and he’s excited about his Bachelor Party. In a drunken state, he’s lured away by glimmering lights as if he was a child. He was right behind you drinking a beer and suddenly he’s gone, not responding to text messages or calls, you can’t find him anywhere! Luckily for you fair reader, KCN has you covered. For your approval, we present to you, Friend Finder! Make sure to set it up for all your members of your party beforehand so that you can easily find one another should the situation present itself. That way you track him down to his exact location and move on to your preferred destination.

Keep Your Bachelor Party Together And On Schedule!

Designate Check Points. Find a specific bar to be your home base. The same spot you were dropped off can easily be your meeting point at the end of the night. A predetermined location is great in case anyone gets lost or their phone dies. Agree on a time that will allow you to regroup and travel back to your vacation rental. If the Strippers are coming over at 11 PM it’s best to give yourselves an hour’s grace period so everyone can make it back to the house with enough time to refresh themselves for the show.

Passing Distractions

Don’t be lured into the idea of partying with a Bachelorette party you ran into. We must remember we all have our own agendas while partying.

If your goal at the end of the evening is to have 2 Sexy Strippers come over, for a Bachelor Party Strip Show you set up weeks ago. A random bachelorette party is going to derail that. Our illustrious 2 Girl XXX Extreme Show is a wild escapade that is not intended for the faint of heart. It is a show designed specifically for Bachelor Parties. A momentous occasion to share with the members of your party. Having a few outliers join you may not seem like a big deal but it completely throws the vibe off. What was supposed to be an intimate experience is now filled with interlopers, these strange girls that let’s be honest you’re never going to see again. However, you will undoubtedly be left with the memory of them complaining the whole time the Exotic Dancers are there. No matter how much they declare they love Female Strippers if these random girls aren’t getting the attention they need they’re going to throw the whole energy of the experience. You must ask yourself who benefits from this situation and who is at the disadvantage. What could’ve been a night filled with countless intimate lap dances is now just uncomfortable. The show is designed for the intimate inner workings of a close-knit friend group, and not random girls you met along the way. You mustn’t discount the fact the Strippers are the most exciting experience in the whole Bachelor Party! Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of that!

At Kitty Cat Now Chicago we want you to create memories you’ll remember fondly forever. Bachelor Parties are truly the ultimate celebration and we simply want everything to go perfectly! Give us a call or Book Online today!

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