Booty, burgers and buns

As the golden hues of summer start to fade, don’t stash away your party hats just yet! Kitty Cat Now Chicago is ready to help you host the BBQ bash of the season. Here’s a glimpse of the whirlwind fun waiting to unfold in your backyard

Let’s paint a scene: As twilight kisses the day goodbye, from the shadows emerge our show-stopping strippers, each one bringing a cocktail of grace, energy, and oomph. Will it be the head-spinning moves of a solo showstopper or the coordinated charisma of our dreamy 4-girl fantasy team? Let the suspense linger!

Just when you thought a BBQ was about, well, BBQing—enter our topless or nude waitresses. Equal parts sassy and classy, they serve up delectable bites with a side of mischief. Your BBQ is not just food; it’s a mouthwatering tease for all your senses!

You bring the grill, we’ll bring the thrill. And trust us, ours lasts way longer than charcoal!

Imagine your backyard, but not as you know it. Softly lit corners for whispered secrets, spaces that invite laughter, and our electrifying strippers turn every spot into a stage. Adventure awaits at every turn. Will you discover it all?

Want a tropical tiki theme or a vintage 50s BBQ vibe? We listen, brainstorm, and then sprinkle your party with personalized touches. It’s about celebrating the season, your way, with a dash of our magic.

“Your neighbor’s BBQ had a piñata? Cute. Ours had strippers!”

Summer finales should be legendary, and with Kitty Cat Now Chicago, it’s a guarantee. Infuse your BBQ with that perfect blend of booty, burgers, and buns, making it a night that whispers of summer’s magic one last time.

Intrigued? Ready to elevate your BBQ game? Let’s chat today, and together, we’ll craft an evening that’s both a tribute to summer and a promise of more good times to come. Contact Kitty Cat Now Chicago today!

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