Enjoy a Quiet Night with a Sexy Stripper Barbecue

With warmer weather on the way, you are probably starting to think about getting the grill ready in Chicago. Few things indicate a change to better weather than the scent of grilling meat. Everyone loves a barbecue when it’s done right. However, it could be made even better.

Improving Your Barbecue

When you plan to have a couple of friends over for some burgers, steak, chicken, ribs, or whatever else you like to throw on the grill, don’t forget the entertainment. Instead of just putting something on the television or listening to music, turn things up to eleven with a strip show.

You will find that grilling and girls go very well together. It’s also something that your friends are surely going to appreciate—and probably not expect. Just make sure you give them an inkling about what’s happening, so they don’t bring along any guests that might not appreciate your gesture!

How About a Topless or Nude Waitress?

Not only could you hire some strippers for a show, but you might want to class things up a bit by having a waitress or two. They can bring food and drinks to you and your guests, so you don’t have to get up and do it yourself. All you will be responsible for is cooking or catering the BBQ.

Check out the Puma, Purr, and Meow packages to see what options are available. Those packages include waitresses, as well as erotic shows. They tend to be the best choices for the money.

The next time you are planning a quiet barbecue with your buddies, don’t forget about the gorgeous girls from Kitty Cat Now Chicago. They can elevate your barbecue like you wouldn’t believe.

What Do You Need to Plan For?

Once you decide that you want to hire some strippers for a show at the barbeque, don’t rest on your laurels. You still need to make sure the rest of the night goes off without a hitch. Consider how many guests will be showing up and what you will need to have to serve everyone.

If you’re hosting, it likely means that you will be the one doing the grilling—or you will hire someone to do it. You might handle the meat, but you could have your friends bring the drinks, the sides, and everything else that’s needed. After all, you’re also the one supplying the entertainment for the evening.

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