Buddies, Beer & Boobs!

Enjoy a Couple of Cold Ones With The Guys!

There’s nothing quite like self-imposed isolation that makes you long for social interaction. The relationships we’ve created with friends is a bond that often can feel stronger than familial ties. After all, you choose your friends and those nearest and dearest to you for a reason.

At Kitty Cat Now we’re of the belief any occasion is the perfect time to have a party! Do you have a few buddies over Well that’s the perfect opportunity to turn the heat up a notch with a call to your favorite local and trusted Kitty Cat Now Strippers! At the mere Touch of your fingers you can have a Hot, Sexy and Fully Nude Strippers at your door with ease and very little forethought!

With the aid of Kitty Cat Now we can create a sumptuously sexy evening designed to stimulate and titillate your wildest fantasies. Our Gorgeous Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers can engage with you and your guests on a level beyond flash, pump or circumstance. Whether you’d prefer voluptuous Topless or Nude Waitresses or Our Sexy Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers can perform an array of spectacularly erotic games and parlor tricks. Naturally though we specialize in Sensual Strip Tease and Toy Shows that easily can be performed In the privacy of your own home or man cave. Give us a Call or Book online Today to make your Fantasies a Reality with Kitty Cat Now!

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