Unexpected Occasions to Hire Strippers

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Are you looking for a good excuse to hire a few strippers in Chicago for the boys? While most people think of bachelor parties when it comes to strippers, there are tons of other occasions when a stripper or two can totally transform an event. Kitty Cat Now Chicago has some of the most unexpected below to give you a variety of options.

Birthday Parties

Exotic dancers are a great investment for a 40th or 50th birthday party. Everyone is going to be teasing the guy about turning older and offering tacky gifts in that same vein. Make the night one to remember with a Kitty Cat Now stripper or two. There are often costumed dancers who dress up like police officers or firefighters to make it even more fun.

Christmas Parties

Santa isn’t the only one who can create a bit of holiday cheer as Christmas draws closer. Even the naughtiest of the naughty can appreciate a few scantily clad women around the home. Look for girls who wear costumes to add some extra excitement to your part.

Frat Parties

The old frat party every week can get dull so why not spice it up with some strippers? Keep it a secret if you really want to make it a great time. Everyone will love the strippers, whether you’re hosting a party, a rush event, or something else. Hot schoolgirl outfits are all the rage for this type of event.

Coming Home Parties

If a good friend or family member is coming home from a long trip, strippers can elevate the party in no time. Whether someone is back from a few weeks abroad or several months at college, hiring a stripper will make any party a bit more fun. It’s the perfect way to say, “welcome back home.”

Football Nights with friends

After you and all your pals had your draft parties, consider the fun that strippers would add to Football watch parties. They can serve you drinks in hot outfits and then strip as things go on. Add a stripper in a referee outfit to double down on a great start to the football night.

Retirement Parties

While a card signed by everyone in the office might go forgotten in a week, the same cannot be said about strippers in exciting outfits. Have them dress up to make a great impression on the person retiring. It’s a fun way to add a little extra joy to this sort of celebration.

When you choose Kitty Cat Now Chicago, you can have beautiful women strip down for you on a holiday or at any other event. We offer a variety of packages to meet all your needs. Call Or book your sexy entertainment today!

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